Paint Shop Manufacturer

AES India has been providing Paint Shop & Industrial Finishing solution with core competency in design, engineering, consultancy, procurement, construction and commissioning of surface finishing plants for automotive & general-purpose painting. We are capable of delivering semiautomatic, fully automatic plants based on customer requirements. We follow the concept of continuous improvement, understand customer’s requirement and implement most suitable engineered Paint Booth solution.

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Manual/ Robotics Paint Booth

In Paint shops paint booth is the most important area, the paint application on objects/products is done here, combined with ASU it almost consume half of the power of the overall paint shop. AES India provides booths with advanced energy savings techniques.

  • Wet Booths – Circulation of water is provided in these booths to remove excess paints and solvents wet booths are used for mass production.
  • Wet booths are of Two types
    • Side draft Booth
    • Down draft Booth
  • Dry Booths – With paint arrestor filters in exhaust these booths are used for touch up/correction work

Pre-Treatment Plant

Pre-Treatment are designed to improve processing quality and to conserve energy. Our unique lineup includes the iron removal system (Flood Spray), high-performance washing system (Parallel Separator), and counter-flow circulation tank in the degrease process, and high-pressure spray water washing processes.

  • Dip type
  • Spray Type

Powder coating plant

Powder Coating Plants For spraying powder through electro static gun on an article, fabricated enclosure/ booth (MS/SS) is provided.To recover overspread powder the powder recovery system is provided to the booth cyclone recovery system.

  • Conveyorized Powder coating
  • Batch Type Powder Coating

Cathode Electro Deposition Plant ( CED Plant)

Cathode Electro Deposition Plant (CED Plant) This equipment deposits paint by immersing the work into the e-coat bath and applying the voltage between the work and anodes in the bath. Our e-coat equipment has features of equal film thickness and high throwing power. Small amount of paint carry over and shortened baking process are also advantages of our system.

Material Handling

Material Handling (Conveyors) – Conveyors systems are the important part of paint shops as it determines the operation ratio/production rate of a plant.

AES India provides different forms of conveyor according to the feature of the process from Pre-treatment to Inspection area.

Some of the types:-

  • Overhead conveyors
  • Power & Free conveyor
  • Floor Conveyor
  • Transporter System

And many more as per system requirement.

Paint Baking Oven

Paint Baking Oven - Optimum drying processes for curing coatings are the key to a perfect surface. AES India provides efficient design and power efficient ovens for the paint shops

Some types of Oven are:

  • Direct fired
  • Indirect fired
  • Electrical ovens
  • Camel back ovens

Air Supply System

AES India offers Air Supply System with temperature and humidity controlled systems for painting , powder coating, HVAC system and clean rooms application.

Shower Tester Booth

AES India offers shower tester booth which is widely used for Vehicle Leak check and system washing, followed by Air drying system. AES India has installed many shower booth units which are running successfully.

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