Turnkey Supply and Services

Based on extensive experience in automotive manufacturing engineering, we support our customers' demand from feasibility study to turnkey services

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Manufacturing Facility

The scope of work includes:

  • Engineering
  • Design & Detailing
  • Manufacturing
  • Schedule management
  • Transportation and logistic planning
  • Machinery installation services and commissioning
Weld Shop
Paint Shop See More
Assembly Shop
Power Train

Industrial Material Handling

We contribute in streamlining material handling through time and cost reduction. Our turnkey industrial material handling equipment and delivery systems not only increase efficiency but also ensure high reliability, safety and function of production lines.

Industrial Conveyor
Assist Device /
Automated/Rail Guided Vehicle
Crane, Elevators and Hoist System

Industrial Utilities and Maintenance

We provide utility services from concept design to installation, commissioning, testing, liaising, approval and maintenance.

HVAC System

Piping Installation

Electrical Installation

Maintenance Services


AES India has completed numerous projects over the past few years which have given us wide experience and knowledge in different sectors like:

  • Booth - paint shop, clean room, shower booth
  • Test Cell - Acoustic, HVAC (Chiller, AC)
  • Fume Extraction - Mobile filter units, Vehicle exhaust extraction system, General ventilation system
Test Cell
Fume Extraction
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